A Vision of a College

Aletheia College seeks to be a pervasively Christian college where students are prepared to vigorously explore transcendent truth and reach toward wisdom, where students learn to create culture as an act of worship, and where, through mentoring relationships, students learn to hone God’s gift of reason all so they may be prepared to live life wisely.

Why Aletheia?

The search for truth is more than a pleasant pastime. It is something critically important. For persons of faith, truth is a reflection of Truth. To seek greater clarity about the truths of this existence brings one closer to Christ Jesus and only in relation to Christ can these truths be properly apprehended.

The Greek language and culture holds a place of honor both within secular and Christian cultures. Greek philosophy, art, and government laid the foundation for western culture, and the New Testament was penned in Greek. As such, it is fitting to take the Greek word for truth, aletheia, as the name for an institution which seeks to meaningfully engage both secular and Christian cultures.

View the Aletheia CollegeĀ Vision Brochure.


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